West Shore Inventor/Entrepreneur Network

West Shore Inventor/Entrepreneur Network

Our goal at WIN is to encourage and help prepare local inventors and entrepreneurs to move forward with their innovative business ideas, or creatively expand their existing operations. To provide timely guidance in the areas of intellectual property development and protection, business planning, financial assistance, and marketing strategy. WIN is a non-profit organization that provides these services at meeting venues, at no charge to members who pay a small annual membership fee, thereby gaining unlimited WIN meeting access with guidance professionals.

WIN is a grass roots organization partnering with the West Shore Community College Business Opportunity Center to help prospective or existing entrepreneurs in the region of Lake, Manistee, Mason and Oceana Counties launch new or expanding business ventures; by reinforcing their innovative, managerial, and business skills.

The primary assets of WIN membership are:

  • Peer support.
  • Professional guidance.
  • Confidential intellectual property reviews.
  • Confidential assistance in the assessment or refinement of inventions.
  • Professional advice for the promotion and marketing of your product or service.
  • Professional advice and information about patent processes.
  • Team up with local, regional and statewide business development organizations that are also linked in with the WIN network; to receive assistance with writing business plans, conducting marketing research, and accessing capital.

WIN has been established with the primary intention to revive, stimulate, and expand the economic base in the WSCC service area; namely Oceana, Lake, Manistee, and Mason Counties. As with most of the Nation, this area has suffered economic setbacks. However it is becoming ever more apparent that our economic recovery and growth are children in our own arms, and more specifically in our hearts, minds, and creative enterprise.

WIN seeks to facilitate enterprise by matching the innovative skills of our population with both the material and intellectual resources within our service area. Through communication and collaboration with our neighbors, we can achieve what otherwise may be difficult, or even impossible.